Awareness on Effects of Plastics in Food

Awareness on Effects of Plastics in Food

We observed that the hotels nearby are using plastic sheet on plate to serve food. When plastic comes in touch with hot food, harm full chemicals are mixed into the food, causing sever health problems over the time. To stop using the plastics we had discussion with hotels, but there was no changes. So we took and initiative and starting supplying banana leaves to all the nearby hotels, totally free of cost.

Key Features of our Initiative

  • We have helped children in multiple schools in Karnataka including Goudasandea, Kadirenahalli, Kudamalakunte, and Ramchandrapura by providing them with books, stationary, bags, and educating them about the environment.
  • Hire us today so that we can help more children receive education for a brighter tomorrow for India.
  • We also conduct tree plantation programmes in schools to help inculcate in children the importance of planting trees and protecting the environment.
  • These values imbibed at a young age would produce a generation that is sensitive towards the environment and protects mother earth.
  • We are committed to protecting the environment in whatever manner we can – planting more trees, educating children, or recycling e-waste.
  • Join hands with us today to create a better future and a better earth for the next generation.

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