Data Security


A large amount of confidential information is present in company media like Hard Disk Drive (HDD), CD, DVD, and USB Drive. This information can be in the form of company’s financials, sensitive data of the company’s clients, or even personal information of company’s staff like bank account numbers and passwords.

Although, companies ensure that all sensitive information is deleted before the disposal of any company media, there are forensic tools that can recover even deleted information.

In such a case, 100% secure professional data destruction is absolutely essential to prevent company’s confidential data from getting in the wrong hands.

Prakruthi Recycling’s full-suite of data destruction services employ cutting-edge technology to make the sensitive data irretrievable and offer complete peace of mind to companies by enabling on-site data destruction.


Data wiping refers to the removal of data from hard drive before disposing it. Generally, people delete files from their hard drive or format it to remove any company data.

However, that is not sufficient as sensitive data can still be recovered using freely-available data recovery tools.

The only foolproof way to ensure that the data is permanently erased it to overwrite the data to make it irretrievable.

We use Wipe Drive (Enterprise License) that has been certified by the National Security Agency, USA and the US Department of Defence and it makes hard drive data forensically unrecoverable.

Wipe Drive is one of the top software for secure data destruction and used by a large number of corporates and government organizations as a secure, permanent, and cost-effective way to erase data from all storage devices including hard drives, USB, as well as mobile devices.


Degaussing means the removal of unwanted magnetic data or demagnetization.

It is a popular method that is used for the removal of information stored on magnetic tapes. It uses a device called Degausser that changes the tape’s magnetic field thereby destroying the data on the tape.Degaussing can also be used to destroy contents of hard drive, USB drive, smart phone, or floppy disk.

We use Data Gone LG that uses a UK-based pulse discharge technology to destroy all magnetic sectors on the media and ensures 100% data destruction.It also has a unique Erasure Log Software that generates degaussed reports for individual media which can be used as a hard copy evidence for reporting and auditing requirements.


Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Shredding refers to the process of physical destroying an old hard drive so that the data from the same cannot be recovered.We use a heavy duty HDD shredding machine made with German technology that provides H5 security level shredding.It ensures that your media is destroyed in a safe and secure manner and offers 100% data destruction which makes the media data irrecoverable.The machine has solid steel cutting rollers which shred the hard drive into small cross-cut particles which can be disposed off safely.

This HDD shredding service can be provided both on-site and off-site.